unsplash// Anastasia Vityukova

I was not wrong

When I spoke of love

In the past

Love has always been something

That sparked curiosity in me

But now that I am in love

I’ve come to realize

That love is not just one thing

The pain, joy, and passion

Is all wrapped up into one

I inhale it all

Every morning and night

Like it’s a lit cigarette

In my hands



unsplash// mollye miller

With my knees planted into the dirt

Tears stream down my face and

Fall into in the grass

Earth asked me

Sweet girl why are you crying?

I replied

I am lost and I cannot find my home

The earth laughed and said

Baby, you are home

For you are the grass

The trees


And the breeze

You are the night and

The light

You are everywhere and everything

You are the universe



Kayla Dupoux

Kayla Dupoux

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